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One of my most treasured finds is a vintage pair of ice skates. I spotted them in an antique shop several years ago and had to have them! 😍

I have this romantic idea of skating in New York's Central Park, in the crisp winter air, with the city skyline in the background... ❤️

I got thinking about the history of ice skating and discovered that it was invented in northern Europe around five thousand years ago. It's the oldest form of human-powered transport (move over Fred Flinstone and his caveman car!) and helped people travel more widely during frozen winters. 

Aren't the Scandinavians a clever and stylish bunch?!


  • Ive seen skates been used as door decorations at Christmas time ?. Personally I’m a bit of a sucker for an old fashioned Wooden sleigh

    WIldfox Home on

  • Great pieces Em – can’t wait to see you ice skating at the Rockefellow centre New York.
    Fabulous skates.

    Carol Leonard on

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